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Once you meet someone, you never really forget them
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❝ Have you ever felt a potential love for someone?

Like, you don’t actually love them and you know you don’t, but you know you could. You realise that you could easily fall in love with them. It’s almost like the bud of a flower, ready to blossom but it’s just not quite there yet. And you like them a lot, you really do. You think about them often, but you don’t love them. You could, though. You know you could.
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8th weekly giveaway

hi guys^^ i will be hosting a weekly matchwigs giveaway where prizes include any wigs below $30 (which is 80% of the wigs there tbh and if you place their banner on ur blog its an additional $5 which makes up for 90% of the wigs) this giveaway will be different from most giveaways because it will be hosted literally every week so you guys have a really high chance of winning a free wig lol

keep in mind that because this is a weekly giveaway, the deadline is in 7 days whereas most giveaways last for months, so these will be done and over with really quickly so id join before the time is up
  • $30 matchwigs.com voucher coupon code which can be used to purchase anything in store (shipping is free worldwide!)
  • $5 additional voucher to winning entry who inserts reblog banner on their Tumblr. Instructions here.
  • reblog only once (from past experiences if u reblog more then once notes start disappearing and id rather not screencap every single note again)
  • please refrain from likes, they will not count either
  • no giveaway blogs/inactive side blogs
  • must be following me (since this is for my followers)
  • this round i will also open up to my twitter followers, if u follow me on twitter but not on my tumblr you can still join. however, double the chance to win if you follow both my tumblr and twitter (send me your twitter and ill add you to the end of the notes when i randomize the winner)

  • giveaway will start aug 26
  • end sept 8

ends today

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